1. How can I get the coaching book?
You can order the book by visiting the Just Bee online store. We highly recommend that you get the “Just Bee” Journal along with the book. The journal complements the 12 lessons and it helps the children internalize the values presented in the lessons.
2. What is the appropriate age group for this program?
The coaching book is recommended for children in second grade to fifth grade, ages 7 to 12.
3. How does it work?
The complete “Just Bee” coaching system starts with children at Kindergarten all the way to 5th grade. For the children in Kindergarten we have included recomended “BASIC CONCEPTS” lessons where they are introduced to Papi and honey. In second grade the children get coached using the 12 lessons from the just Bee book…in 3rd and 4th grade the lessons are reinforced…and in 5th grade the children learn how to be mentors for the new second graders in their school.
4. Can I use the system if I am home schooling?
YES! The system works at home as well as school. You can order the complete system, which includes the teachers guide, games and all that the school receives, so you replicate and implement the character building system at home.
5. Is this program just for children?
Many people have told us that this is a children’s program written for adults. Sometimes we complicate simplicity…and we forget to Just Bee…this book is for everyone!
Just Bee Coaching Program
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