Just Bee Coaching Program

How it works

Although lesson plans include core concept activities beginning in Pre-K, the Just Bee coaching curriculum begins in 2nd grade. Throughout the 12 week series of lessons, based on the book Just Bee, students enjoy a variety of character building lessons, games, and reinforcement activities both in and outside of the classroom. Parents, educators, and student mentors are all involved in the coaching process, and at the end a graduation celebration highlights the achievements.

For a detailed description of the program elements and structure, see the Just Bee Coaching System introduction below, or download and print a PDF copy by clicking on the link to the right.

The Just Bee Coaching System

A character building and diversity educational program
  • Welcome to the bilingual global coaching system JUST Bee, designed for students K to 5th grade. The system is global because the components are integrated with the varying needs of educators, students, and parents/guardians in mind; and bilingual because the materials are presented in both English and Spanish and can be taught in either language.
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On average the first 6 years of scholastic education lasts 5540 hours. The 90 hours of programmed JUST Bee coaching, application and development represents approximately 1.618% of the 5540 instruction hours.

This calculation is surprising when we see that the number 1,618 is also established in mathematics, art and design as the golden ratio. This number has been found to represent perfect proportions as seen in astronomic structures such as galaxies, in the design of flowers, shellfish, and trees, even showing up in the human body and works of art. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_ratio

The JUST Bee coaching system can be compared to the process of building a house. Good construction requires blueprints, a solid foundation, and resistant materials to guarantee the strength, stability, and flexibility needed to make the structure resistant to weather and natural challenges.

A person’s character is like a building. We know that by having a strong foundation and clear direction (the blueprints), and love and compassion, students can be empowered to build a solid and meaningful life with the flexibility to reason and act on what is right and wrong, make decisions, and strive to lead a healthy, happy, and responsible life.

The educational construction of the system demands supervision, coaching and quality control to ensure that the final result is according to the blueprints, which are outlined below:


During the first phase, kindergarten, we help participants identify the essential locations for learning…home and school. We introduce them to basic concepts to help them define their formation; learn about their environment and themselves.

Just like a location determines the value of a property, education determines the value of a person. The basic concepts define the learning abilities and help students develop a desire for future learning, creating therefore more value for their property, or their education.

1st grade:

During the second phase, in 1st grade, students are encouraged to dream and make their educational plans according to who they want to become in the future, learning how to read and write their own blueprints as they set their goals.

Are drafted according to the design and vision of the students’ dreams and lay out how education will help them achieve their goals. By learning how to write and read well, 1st graders realize that they can build something worth their effort and they become passionate about learning.

2nd grade:

During the third phase, 2nd grade, participants lay a solid foundation (The Just Bee coaching book) to firmly support their home, and lay the bricks (lessons) to form the walls that will protect the home.

The values of respect, compassion and appreciation and the responsibility learned at home and school create the foundation needed to build responsible adults. Its strength is directly proportionate to the commitment of the teachers, parents and students. By working together all prove that the whole is stronger than its parts, achieving the goal of responsible education. 

It is in this phase that we present and instill the 12 lessons of the Just Bee Book.

These are the 12 lessons and their values. They use these bricks (lessons) during the next four years (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades) of their formation to build strong walls (character). And as they repeat and refine the lessons year after year, they shape and define their personalities.

The Journal that the students complete about the 12 lessons they have learned allows teachers and parents, as well as the students, to see how they are assimilating, applying and using what they learn to be the best they can be.

3rd grade:

During the fourth phase, 3rd grade, they strengthen the walls with resistant cement (games), which unifies and holds together the bricks (lessons) put in place the year before.

Represented by the different games, which hold together the walls (character), making them resistant and stronger year after year.

4th Grade:

During the fifth phase, 4th grade, solid doors and a very strong roof are installed to help students recall what they have learned and prepare themselves for the final year of elementary education.

These are the guides, manuals and tools that the parents, teachers and students have for the rest of their lives, which help protect the 12 lessons learned from outside influences that can erode the walls and the bricks (lessons) they have built with such passion and dedication.

5th Grade:

During the sixth and last phase, 5th grade, the windows are installed allowing light to shine into the home so that students can see the impact the lessons have  had on themselves as well as on others. Reaching this phase ensures that they will have a model to replicate and possess the skills needed to create a strong and friendly neighborhood…a community.

These are the Mentor Journals that the 5th grade students complete about the 12 lessons they have learned. The journal allows the teachers, parents, and the students to see how the concepts can impact the rest of their lives. Also student mentors benefit by seeing how the second grade students they are mentoring learn the lessons as they did three years before.

Is the virtual community we are creating where all Just Bee participants can connect with others, share best practices and continue building a better community…like good neighbors do. Teachers and parents will share best practices, students will share their success stories and we all can build a global beehive, a place where we speak the universal language of respect, compassion and appreciation for each other. This forum is currently being developed.

Find us at:  www.justbeefoundation.org

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  • Just Bee Basic Concepts

  • Just Bee Stories

  • Student copy Just Bee book
  • Just Bee Journal
  • Basic level games

  • Just Bee book (review)
  • Advanced level games

  • Just Be book (review)
  • Basic level games

  • Just Bee book (mentors)
  • Mentor Journal
  • Basic level games