How Can You Help?

Adopt A School …Inspire children to Just Bee their very best!
The Mission
To coach three million children by the year 2014 by equipping and empowering educators and parents with the resources needed to successfully implement the Just Bee Program and to attract and inspire individuals, school districts, and corporations to sponsor a student or school.
Corporate Sponsors

Investing in the lives of children is a rewarding way to give back to your community. The benefits are many:

  • Sponsoring a school is not just about contributing money, it is about getting involved with the children in your community at whatever level you are able to participate. When a company, big or small, or even a department within a company works hard to do something good for the community great things begin to happen within an organization. Teamwork, morale, and productivity reach new heights when a company pulls together for a worthwhile cause.
  • It is a pleasure beyond words to see the love and appreciation in the eyes of the children who know that you and your company are helping reshape their future and that you really care.
The investment to adopt a school is based on the number of second grade students at the selected school. At a full sponsorship of $200.00 per student, a sponsor covers the cost of the participation from second grade until they graduate from twelfth grade. In essence, for about $20.00 a year each student can participate in the program!

For more information on this or other sponsorship options, please call 815-391-9241 and ask about the "Adopt a School" program.




Just Bee seeks to work with educators who will lead by example and the program outline provides them with the resources they need to help build character and encourage students to grow into responsible, productive adults. The Just Bee curriculum can be easily integrated into many core subjects and gives teachers practical ways to encourage students to practice what they have been taught.

In your classrooms, you can incorporate the Just Bee program and become a Just Bee Coach. We are also looking for volunteer teachers who would like to invest a few hours a week assisting the school teachers in coaching the students.

As an educator, if you want more information on implementing the Just Bee program in your school, please contact our teacher connection network at 815-391-9241 and ask about the "Adopt a School" program.

Parents and Guardians

Life lessons are best received when they are modeled and encouraged by the most prominent adults in a child's life. When parents, guardians and teachers work togehter the message they send is clear and consistent. Just Bee emphasizes the role of the parents/guardians and the results are powerful. Parents are encouraged to read through the lesson with their child each week to reinforce the importance of completing the assignments and to compliment the child for his or her efforts and successes.

It has been said by some parents that Just Bee is a children’s book for adults; that they have, perhaps, learned even more from the program than their child, or at least been reminded of things they know instinctively, but have not practiced consistently with their children. Just Bee has lessons for all of us!

As a parent, the best way to help is by being a good example and a role model to your children. Purchasing your own copy of the Just Bee book to use at home and investing 15 minutes a day to read and apply the lessons at home will make a tremendous difference!

You can also adopt a school. If a school sponsorship is too large for you to handle on your own, ask us about sponsoring a student in an existing school program.