Network with us

The Beehive club

The Beehive club will be a global portal of good character, compassion and respect. We are in the process of building it and we will need your help. We are raising the necessary funds to continue building the online portal. Please contribute to the Beehive Club, sign in as a member and become a fan of our Facebook page (JustBeeFoundation), where we will be sharing more success stories every day.

By sharing your stories, ideas, passion and just being you’re best, we all can learn from each other and share with each other.

We need your help and support! We are always looking for role-models, for good people that would like to help us “Pollinate the world” with good examples, great character, respect and appreciation for others. Your good behavior and wiliness to help others is the main contribution we can receive. We are committed to making our world a better place, one child, one parent, one teacher at a time. With your support we can make our world a sweet place to Just Bee! Like life in a beehive…everyone has purpose and by working together we can build a sustainable, respectful and happy place for all.