This special project is unique. We traveled to Managua , where we met with the representatives from CEPAD, a faith based organization co-sponsoring this project with us.
The program is based on coaching the coaches…teaching a group of 24 young people how to take the program to their 14 villages and become the coaches for small children….and share the message of good character with their community.
These young adults are in a special 4 year program created by CEPAD, where they learn how to start a business in their villages to make them self sustainable…some villages do not have electricity or safe water to drink…but they have great people that work the land and are eager to learn .
The results of the first year were very good. The young coaches shared the lessons with their students every week, sometimes in a small room, which they called the school classroom or sometimes they got together with families at their humble homes to share these messages.

Year after year, they use this lessons to keep helping the children, and since the villages are small, they will be able to affect everyone in the villages…creating communities of respect and appreciation.

Our next step is to raise funds to help the coaches in achieving their drams, of building stronger communities by expanding their talent into small businesses, where they can start a sustainable business, work the land and stabling commerce by starting bakeries, barber shops, schools and other businesses.

With the Just bee program, the young coaches are the new force leading progress into these communities and in exchange for helping them achieve their dreams they will help smaller children learn and LIVE the values of the Just bee program, as one of the lessons is …to have a great business you must have great character…and that is something you develop…just like a business.

We want to continue supporting this initiative and invest in their talent, help them achieve their drams and make a difference in places where education and opportunity is a luxury…we want to provide those who car enough to share with their communities this opportunity to become the role models and inspire others to continue this path.

If you wish to help us with this initiative, by sharing resources, ideas or contributing financially, we truly appreciate it. Please donate and join our Beehive community.

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