Kenya, Africa

Emuraroto School

One of our very first projects was delivering the coaching program in Kenya, at the Emuraroto School. We worked with the children (from very young to middle school age, all or most of whom spoke no English) in their one room schoolhouse and outside in the yard. We also spontaneously conducted an exercise class, which the children found fascinating. No doubt, they all get plenty of exercise since most of them walk many miles to and from school each day, but they enjoyed the structure of doing jumping jacks together and the challenge of an old fashioned foot race. We had brought a large suitcase full of frisbies and other trinkets from the US and we will remember forever the joy in the faces of the children as they tossed the frisbies about. They had never seen such a gadget….and they could easily make it fly …they loved it!

We spent time with the principal and teachers so they could help deliver the lessons in English and Swahili, since most of the children spoke only Swahili. As we spent the day with the children, we not only taught them the lessons in the book but we learned many lessons from them and from the way they live, interact, and play.

One thing was clear… they understood the first Just Bee lesson, ‘Be Grateful’ very well and they showed their appreciation to us with their undivided attention and their smiles. A surprise visit to a small school from a bunch of Americans who brought gifts, games, and laughter… I’m sure it will be long remembered by everyone who was there. Even though we didn’t speak the same language, communication was definitely not a problem.

We kept in touch with the principal and teachers and they continued the program on their own. In fact, the Just Bee Program was so well received by the students that they now want to share it with other Kenya schools, and we and we are very excited to announce that we are currently in the process of translating the Just Bee book into Swahili and we plan to visit another school to implement the program. If you are interested in joinning us in 2014, please contact us.!

Please watch the videos of our delivering one of the lessons at the Emurartoto School, we are sure you will enjoy it. If you would like to contribute toward the translation and printing expenses of the Kenya edition, please click here.

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Kenya, Africa
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