Bogota, Colombia

Alberge Infantil Mamá Yolanda

This is a very special project…a pilot project. The Alberge infantil ( children’s shelter) is a place that provides shelter, education and support to abandoned and displaced children. These kids have challenges, both emotionally and sometime physically. They have lived in the streets and I believe they are “very smart”…street smart.

To many, their childhood has been stolen, and we wanted to give them the love and lessons from the just bee program, so we decided to pilot our “character building and diversity” coaching program with them.

The program has 3 phases. During phase one, for 12 weeks, the students learn the Just Bee program, the values, lessons and application in their daily life. These students are about 12-16 years old, so the journal has been modified to inspire and guide them to collect thoughts and feelings relevant to their age and situation.

Once they complete phase one, we have a celebration and the students that have successfully completed this first part, will qualify to participate in phase two. During this second part, we will have some real estate sales professionals and a few university students interact with the students… they will share their work experience, talk about sales and education and take them to a few appointments and classes. In this phase we want to inspire them to keep learning…make education a priority and understand the world of real estate sales. We believe that using their “street smart” knowledge with the guidance of a good sales process and education will transform them from what people call a “social problem” to a “social solution”…we believe they will be the greatest sales professionals ever!!

Once they complete the second phase, we move into the third phase…paying it forward by giving back. During this phase, each student has the opportunity to mentor and coach 3 younger children( also abandoned or displaced) from another shelter and share with them what they have learned, giving them hope, love and a trust, and an honest and caring friendship…basically becoming the family that these young children do not have.

By doing this we will be able to develop what we called “ambassadors of good character” people that will be role models in the streets, people that will use their creativity and “street Smart” for the good, the clean, the peaceful benefit for them and others…and at the end…they will be our social solution.

Every year, a group of selected students are invited to visit Disney…to LIVE the dream…what is possible and to experience the magic. When they come back, they get to share their experience with others and help them see and feel that everything is possible. The dreams without frontiers foundation has been doing this for many years, and we are proud to be able to integrate our character building and coaching program to help develop “ambassadors of good character”

If you want to learn more about this project, be a part of the transformation and participate by volunteering, donating or sharing ideas, please contact Saul Serna in USA at or in Bogotá Beatriz Lince at

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Just Bee - fase 1
Group of students participating in the program Just Bee – Phase 1.


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