About the foundation

Coach the Children…Change the World

As soon as schools began to use the Just Bee Coaching system it was obvious that the lessons, games, goals, and mascots were just what they needed to bring teachers, students, and parents together to build stronger communitites. At the same time, Just Bee author and coach Saul Serna recognized that school budget restrictions and a tough economy limited the ability for many schools and families to fully participate in the program, so he looked to area sponsors to help divert the expense of books, classroom materials, and student recognitions. Demand for the program continues to increase, but sponsorship dollars are not always immediately available, and sponsors are not always sure exactly how they can help.

As a solution the Just Bee Foundation was created. As a 501-C3 Not For Profit organization the Just Bee Foundation works with participating schools and communities to raise the resources needed to supplement program funding, rebuild playgrounds, update classrooms, and alieviate the financial burden that rests on hardworking teachers and parents. Since being established in 2009 the foundation has participated in the transformation of many lives and needs your support to continue to do so.

If you, your group, or your company would like to help make the Just Bee coaching program possible for a school near you, please see the "How to Help" page of this website for sponsorship ideas, or make a secure donation to the Just Bee Foundation. We and the children thank you in advance for your support!