Our board of directors

Saul F. Serna Chairman of the Board

Saul is the author of Just Bee, the first ever children's life coaching book in both Spanish and English, creator of the Just Bee Coaching Program, and a professional speaker and business coach. During his career he has helped over 1200 families achieve their real estate dreams and goals and coached over 2000 students in many different countries. He has served on numerous boards and was named Today's Realtor by the National Association of Realtors for his outstanding service to the Hispanic community. Saul has written books about sales and coaching and has coached thousands of people in different industries for clients such as General Motors and Century 21. He, also, received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Mortgage Association.

Saul's passion for giving back and for helping others excel is reflected in his work. He currently serves as the Regional Executive Director with Nextage Realty International and is leading their "community give back" project, which focuses on the implementation of the Just Bee Coaching Program in the school districts where Nextage Realty offices operate.

Jan Mansfield Co-Chair

Jan is a real estate broker in Rockford, IL, opening her own company, Nextage Professionals Realty (formerly Century 21 Country North), over thirty years ago. She and her team of professionals have achieved numerous production awards (traditionally ranking in the top ten real estate offices in the country for Century 21) and is currently the number one company in Nextage Realty International. They have typically ranked in the top 10 fundraising companies in the country for Easter Seals and often number one in the Chicagoland area. Jan was named one of the Top Women in Business by the Rockford Register Star, received the YWCA’s Leaders Luncheon Award for Business Owners, and was the inaugural winner of the Rockford Chamber of Commerce’s ‘Top Woman Business Owner’ award in 1997. She was, also, named ‘Today’s Realtor’ in the big broker category by the National Association of Realtors.

Jan is very passionate about various green initiatives and has served on the local board of the March of Dimes. In addition, she participated actively in the Muscular Dystrophy Labor Day Telethon for years and has been the corporate sponsor to Dennis Elementary and Jackson Elementary Schools in Rockford. Along with her husband, Saul Serna, she has been involved in the Just Bee Coaching Program in many schools and brought the Extreme Classroom Makeover to Rockford, IL, and San Antonio, TX.

David Vercher

David Vercher is an experienced child development psychologist who has dedicated his efforts and career to the study and implementation of early development strategies. A graduate of the University of Valencia, Spain, Mr. Vercher currently holds the position of Psychologist and Professor at the Universidad Popular de Gandia, Gandia Spain. In addition to completing his doctorate and finally obtaining a masters degree in social studies and infantile development, David has worked with various boards and organizations including the the (Proyecto para la Formacion de Agentes Educativos del Programa de Absentismo Escolar de la U de Valencia), and worked as a motivational psychologist with ANAED (Asociacion de Ayuda al Enfermo de Depresion).

The experience that David gained in working with adults in critical situations convinced him of the importance of instilling key values and lessons at an early age to improve social skills and develop coping abilities later in life. When introduced to the Just Bee coaching system and Just Bee author Saul Serna in 2008 David was impressed by the similarities between the techniques he had been teaching and applying and the core principles of the Just Bee theory. Recognizing that the values spanned cultural, generational, economic and religious differences, David has since worked enthusiastically to further develop the tools, manuals, and programs associated with Just Bee. His contributions have reflected his dedication to improving the quality and equality of education for all, a mission he carries out with love, determination, and hope.

Sue Hollander

Suzanne Hollander has touched the lives of hundreds of children throughout her 33 year teaching career. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Education from Northern Illinois University and a Master's Degree in Remedial Reading from Rockford College. Her degree in Remedial Reading enabled her to assist struggling readers to reach their potential. Empowering students to become independent life long learners has always been ner vision.  Mrs. Hollander recognizes that developing strength of character and recognizing the uniqueness of each individual are powerful life skills for students of all ages. 

Selected in 2005 to pilot the Just Bee coaching system in her 2nd grade classroom, Sue has since been instrumental in the development and promotion of the program and uses her experience to educate others on the potential results. Having overcome personal challenges, Sue insists that the Just Bee lessons are a key, not only to successful child development, but to reminding adults to focus on the positive side of every situation and contribute to the wellbeing of others. Ms. Hollander has been recognized by the State of Illinois and received the Those Who Excel award of Excellence.

Dave Severson Senator, State of IL

Dave Syverson was elected to the Illinois State Senate in 1992. He has sponsored property tax caps, historic welfare reform and the State of Illinois’ children’s health insurance program. He is a proponent of improving the business/job creation environment in Illinois, insurance and Medicaid reforms, vocational education and senior health issues.

Senator Syverson has endorsed the Just Bee program and served as guest speaker at various Just Bee events hosted at schools around his district. For complete bio information visit: http://www.senatordavesyverson.com/?page_id=477

Tonie Smith

For the past fifteen years Tonie Smith has worked as a full time volunteer reaching out to improve the quality of life and raise self awareness among youth and adults alike. After completing studies at the University of Wisconsin at Rock County she directed her attention to the needs of the growing Spanish speaking community in the US, and has since traveled abroad to use her language and teaching skills to support individuals and organizations dedicated to serving others. Having worked with some of the largest companies in the US, Ms. Smith now uses her administrative, organizational, and management skills to support the Just Bee Foundation board and sponsored schools.

Tonie believes that by helping one another we strengthen our families and communities, and that the reward and personal satisfaction that that brings is by far more important than simply succeeding in business. Since the Just Bee program beginning Ms. Smith has worked with the teachers, writers, and sponsors of the program to ensure that the maximum impact of the program is achieved. Spending most of her time working and volunteering and Central America, Tonie continues to support schools and organizations implementing the Just Bee system in countries around the world.