Who we are

About Us
We are a team of passionately committed individuals with a common goal: to lead by example, coach, and inspire children, parents and educators. To do so we provide them with the tools, resources and coaching system needed to reignite the teachers' passion for teaching, students' motivation for learning and the parents' excitement for participation in their children's education. We speak the universal language of respect and appreciation and look forward to meeting you and working together to make our world, our cities, our schools, our homes a place where everyone can Just Bee the best they can be.
Our Mission
To improve behavior and increase the level of compassion, understanding, and acceptance that children have for one another by coaching them at an early age. We are accomplishing this by teaching them to appreciate what they have, to be their personal best, to respect themselves and others, to be kind to our fragile environment, and to just celebrate life.
Our Vision

Children worldwide will speak and embrace the universal language of respect, appreciation and compassion by applying the 12 life lessons presented in the Just Bee Coaching program. We want everyone who participates to learn about other cultures, embrace diversity, and learn that together with parents and educators we can all "Just Bee" our very best and create a better world.

Statement of problem to be addressed

We have identified four key issues that affect the quality of a child's education: children's behavior, classroom discipline, parent involvement and the condition of the learning environment. All four issues are inter-related and impact the others. With the help of experts in the education field the Just Bee program was designed to address each of these issues. We documented best practices and lessons learned and developed student support materials and manuals for the teachers, mentors and parents.

Just Bee
Saul Serna
Autor of the Just Bee book and
the coaching program

Just Bee Coaching Program
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