A Value Proposition to solve the problem

...the Power of 3.

Just Bee is a character building and diversity coaching program for young children that instills and reinforces positive behaviors, mutual respect, appreciation, confidence, compassion and other life values. These principles are presented in a series of 12 interactive lessons in English and Spanish in the book Just Bee. Facilitated by their teachers, reinforced in classroom activities, and put into practice with their parents at home, children develop core principles designed to help them to become stronger students and better people overall.

The interaction created throughout the program between the (1)students, (2)parents and (3)teachers… the power of 3…. creates a synergy that reignites the teacher’s passion for teaching, the student’s desire for learning and the parent’s motivation to get involved in the character development and education of their children.

As adults we tend to “complicate simplicity”. The program’s target audience is children from ages 6 to 12. The simple language used in each lesson and the integrated games inspire children to “learn while playing” and help them understand and internalize the values of each lesson. The program structur is well defined to measure progress and encourage success and sustainability. With Just Bee we are making a difference in schools, families and the communities we serve.

The Just Bee coaching program creates an elementary school culture of respect and appreciation, which empowers, not forces, each participant to be accountable for their performance while celebrating each other’s accomplishments.

It not an illusion of a solution, but a simple solution that is helping teachers, parents and students to Just Bee their very best!

Stefhanie Wachholz
2nd Grade teachers
Rufino Tamayo Elementary

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